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6in x 12in Magnetic Panel


6” x 12” Magna Panel

Features and Benefits:

  • Magna Panel is the newest magnetic teal organization product!
  • Designed by mechanics for mechanics, it tightly grips most tools in your toolbox and can be placed on the bottom of a toolbox drawer or on a vertical surface.
  • It's simple! Just place the Magna Panel on the bottom of your tool box drawer (or any metal surface) and start organizing your tools today.
  • No installation required.
  • Magna Panel is easily removed and relocated to change your tool storage layout.
  • Available in three convenient sizes (12" x 12", 6" x 12” & 12" x 6").
  • Magna Panel is designed to lay side-by-side checkerboard style to cover as much space as you desire.
  • Low profile, only 3/16" thick
  • Made from 16-gauge steel for long lasting durability and high-energy magnets to achieve maximum holding strength
  • Tested and measured at 26 times below FAA in-flight regulations..

Partno: zeusd1-TOWE-78220
Retail price: $21.47


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(6in x 12in Magnetic Panel 6X12

6 x 12)