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RapidFix Dual Adhesive System - Single Pack

Features and Benefits
  • High strength bond in seconds
  • Will not dry out in container
  • Bonds to a wide range of materials, including mixed materials like copper to plastic pipe
  • Holes, gaps or splits can be drilled, tapped, ground, sanded and painted
  • Dries clear
Pack contains 1 x RapidFix Adhesive, 1 x RapidFix Welding Powder and Instruction sheet. The pack includes a demonstration CD video for the customer. This video in included with the counter display. The RapidFix Dual Adhesive System is a professional grade adhesive. It can bond rubber, copper, steel aluminum and most plastics. It can also bond many mixed materials, like copper to plastic, rubber to steel. The RapidFix Welding Powder extends the products application providing the ability to fill holes, splits and gaps in many materials. It can also produce a strong weld seam to support the repair, similar to a welded or soldered joint. After welding it can be drilled, tapped, sanded and painted. The RapidFix Dual Adhesive System has many automotive applications that can save the mechanic time and money.

Partno: zeusd1-TOWE-4678735
Retail price: $22.74


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