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Body SHop Professional Dual Action Cleaner / Polish 16 oz. - CASE PACK OF 2

Features and Benefits:

  • It's a moderate abrasive that has the power to remove light to medium contamination
  • High performance polish eliminates swirl marks and removes fine scratches
  • Enriches gloss and color with machine or hand application
  • Speed Glaze is safe and effective on any kind of paint finish, including clear coats
  • Made for professionals

With Meguiar's Dual Action Cleaner Polish, it combines the perfect amount of abrasive cleaner and rich polish for a deep shine. A touch more aggressive than Meguiar's Swirl-Free Polish, our Dual Action Cleaner Polish effectively deals with more significant stains, swirls, blemishes and oxidation. The safe Buffered Abrasive cleaning action attacks defects while guarding your finish against scratches. Also the rich polishing oils ensure a memorable shine.

Partno: zeusd1-TOWE-29799352
Retail price: $44.53


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