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24 Piece Combination Ergo Fold™ Hex Key Sets - CASE PACK OF 2

Features and Benefits:

  • High quality, industrial grade professional sets
  • Made with Eklind® Alloy Steel
  • Heat treated for optimum strength and ductility
  • Finished with Eklind® Black Finish to resist rust
  • Eklind® Ergo-Fold™ Fold-up sets have a hard plastic shell that is stronger than steel and a soft plastic over mold for comfort and slip resistance to enhance your safety

Includes three of Eklind's Ergo-Fold Key Sets: 25911 (sizes: .050", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32" and 3/16"); 25171 (sizes 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm) and 25581 (sizes T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and T40). Torx® keys will drive Torx® and Torx Plus® and star recessed fasteners. Fold up sets include a variety of popular sizes in one convenient handle to keep you from losing individual keys. Fold a key out to a right angle to get maximum leverage. Fold a key out completely to operate like a screwdriver. The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand. Color coded red for inch, blue for metric, and green for Torx®. Made in the U.S.A.

Partno: zeusd1-TOWE-29792885
Retail price: $69.35


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