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4 in 1 Heat Tool Kit - CASE PACK OF 2

Features and Benefits:

  • Kit contains EI-20 iron, plastic cap with built in flint lighter, 1mm diameter needle tip, heat tip, torch tip, hot knife tip, a coil of 60/40 solder, sponge, and tool rest all packed in a rugged plastic case
  • Completely portable, lightweight and easy to handle, does not require cords, batteries or cartridges
  • Adjustable temperature control quickly regulates power to the tip, equivalent to a 10 to 60 watt electric soldering iron
  • Built-in window indicates fuel level

Refill with Master Ultrane Butane for best performance. Meets U.S. consumer products safety commissions new child safety requirements. 7 soldering tips, 1 heat tip, 1 torch tip, 2 hot knife tips and 4 specialty tips available as optional accessories.

Partno: zeusd1-TOWE-29791723
Retail price: $95.90


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