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PetZoom Nail Groom

As seen on TV, the Pet Zoom Nail Groom is a uniquely designed nail trimmer that comfortably trims and smooths your pet's nails quickly, easily, and pain-free. Features: ? Gently removes only thin layers of nail ? Painless, easy way to care for pet's nails ? Will not damage or break nails The stainless steel filing disk is curved so the nail rests on the plate and the tip and sides are trimmed at the same time. The high tech compact design fits easily into your hand, and has a protective cover that catches fillings so you can trim nails anytime, anywhere without having to clean up the mess. Also included is a large guide dealing procedures for safely trimming small pets, puppies, and kittens. TO USE: Select the proper opening for your pet. While holding your pet's paws, begin filing the nail. Spend about 2-3 seconds on each nail. Look at nail often to see how much you have filed. This is to make sure that you don't file away too much of the nail, exposing the quick. Go back to go over nails until you finished with the paw. Safety cover traps nail filings for easy clean-up. TO CLEAN: Remove safety cover, shake out the nail filings. Replace the safety cover for next use, it's that easy.

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